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Want to improve your immunity? Try Ayurveda

Ayurveda experts tell you how you can improve your body’s defence mechanism for better health.


Vyadhi Ksamatva or Bala means immunity or body’s resistance in Ayurveda. Ojas, our vital energy is an important factor for the defence mechanism of our body.This Ojas or energy has been considered as a vital factor in the defence mechanism of the body. Ojas pervades all tissues, cells, and spaces and determines the immunity status of an individual. Thus it is the resistance to disease of a body. Dr Gita Ramesh, Joint Managing Director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group and Dr Rahul Dogra, Operations Manager, Kairali Ayurvedic Centre suggest ways to improve immunity this season:

Bala or immunity can be classified into 3 types

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